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How Comfortable Are You?

Posted by , 27 April 2005 · 4 views

1. How did you feel when you bought this book?I was shopping at a gay/lesbian store at the time, so I was more self-conscious about walking into the store than buying the book.2. Did you hide it from other customers?The other customers were other gays and lesbians.3. If you felt uncomfortable, what did you think others were thinking?That maybe they thought I was straight or just coming out.4. What are your excuses for not coming out?I don't trust people's reactions. I've come out to a few family members and a few friends; now and then, when the opportunity seems right, I'll come out to someone. 5. What are your biggest fears of what will happen if you do?People will treat me differently; they'll want to know the details of my sex life [ of which is inactive right now and the whole violation thing is tagged to it too]; I won't know how to handle my emotions once I do. I could get killed; my other family members will preach how bad and evil I am and/or try to convert me.6. How do you feel about calling yourself gay, lesbian, or just plain homo?I prefer gay for some reason. Lesbian is a weird title, eventhought I am one. I wanted to be bisexual, but that's not a strong desire for me.7. At this point, whom are you willing to come out to? I've told my mom and my 2 brothers; I've told my best friend who reacted badly; I've told a few friends and even let some strangers know.8. Whom won't you tell?My dad and my cousins, and also aunts and uncles. I can't help but think that there must be another relative out there who's gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered. There are so many of us that they can't all be straight.

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