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How to Forget the Past

Posted by raw&burnt , 14 July 2008 · 45 views

Sometimes, events that happen in our life make us feel tired, burdened, or regretful. We spend too much time thinking about a horrible deed we've committed, even though we no can no longer change it. So how do we move on from a bad experience?

Steps: Accept that it happened. It's not the easiest thing to do, but it will help you get on your way. The past is a part of your life now, but it is not the most important part. Accept the fact that it can no longer be changed in anyway.
Live in the present. This one is kind of hard, as well, since the present is easy to take for granted. Know that by constantly using your present time wisely, you are constantly making a better past for yourself.
Learn from it. Something good always comes out of anything, even if it is a very bad experience. Find the lesson involve and try not to make the same twice. Lousy-Lesson Example 1: "If I didn't get busted shoplifting, I would've moved on to armed robbery and get shot by cops."(Note: this did happen to me)
Forgive. Yourself or the ones that have hurt you. Cut yourself, and others, some slack. Nobody asks to be given a bad memory. People are not perfect. Everyone is prone to make mistakes. That's how people are. And the only way to really move on from a bad experience is to forgive the people involved.

Tips: If it really bothers you, talk to someone you trust and feel comfortable with about it. Talking is good. Not talking about it makes you bottle it up, and the next thing you know, medication is involved.
Compare it to another's bad experience. Think about it. I mean, you've had a bad day, but that other person may have had a bad year. You may have lost your cat, but that person across the street lost his mom. Everything's relative, even problems.

Warnings No denying the past. Because, no matter how hard you bury it, it will resurface time and again, like a bad zombie film.

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