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Posted by raw&burnt , 09 May 2008 · 38 views

Going to church and/or believing in god doesn't sooth anything in me. Trying to believe in a higher power doesn't wash all my troubles away. This has absolutely nothing to do with any trauma that's ever happened in my entire life.

I only mention this because I'm hanging out with some fellow atheists tonight and I'm so looking forward to it. I can't wait to be surrounded by other like-minded people. I tune out when at church for any reason, or when religion and god dominate a topic of conversation. I go numb. Rational thought stimulates me. It's on my list of things that please me and make me happy.

Tonight will be a good night, unless someone hurts me.

I'll be leaving for the evening and my dad will put fear and worry into my head about being careful. It's just ironic that I have to worry about strangers in the outside world while getting over something that happened in my living quarters from an aquaintence.

Need to buy some munchies.


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