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Deepak Chopra

Posted by raw&burnt , 09 May 2008 · 7 views

Imagine if Deepak Chopra himself actually wrote this in my guestbook? I doubt it, but it didn't occur to me until now. How slow am I?

entry #82
name: Deepak Chopra
Life is suffering...And then it eventually kills you...When you finally come to terms with this fact, it will give you a sense of peace and understanding. But as long as you continue to seek for answers to all your unnecessary pain and suffering, your life will continue to haunt you, and you will carry this baggage with you like an anchor. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, and asking the higher power "WHY does life have to be so painful?"...Start asking yourself HOW you can resolve each painful problem as it comes along. Because asking "WHY" will only lead to the same conclusions: The higher power won't write you a letter and tell you why, nor will they call you and tell you why, and no e-mail will come from them and tell you why. In other words, there are no answers to why there is so much unnecessary pain and suffering in this world. There just is. And from what it seems, there always will be. Because pain is here to stay, it is how you choose to cope and to deal with all of your pain that will ultimately determine the quality of your life. Asking why will only cause you more pain, because no matter what and no matter where you are, there will always be more pain -- right now, tomorrow, and until you take your very last breath of life. This is the truth for all of us. There is no escaping it. And so it is up to each and everyone of us to find an effective way to cope and to deal with all the unnecessary pain and suffering of this world, and I hope that you will eventually find a way that will give you some sense of peace and understanding in a world filled with confusion, hopelessness, and despair...
date: 11:01 pm - Monday,December 1, 2003

This should be copied/pasted/printed and preserve somewhere. I want to find the book this came from, or even search him for more words like this. Don't worry, it's not a religious thing with me.

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