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Pleasurable Activity/Fantasy.

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Entry No.83. Imagine an activity that is physically pleasurable to you, enlivining to your senses. It could be walking on warm sand, feeling the breeze against your face, touching your partner, having oral sex. Imagine yourself in that scene now. What kinds of sensations are you feeling while you experience this specific pleasure? Where in your body do you feel them? How much pleasure or desire can you take in?Well, since I'm celibate, I'd have to say napping was one, but that's not active. One that immediately came to mind was dancing. I haven't done that since New Year's Eve, and I kissed a woman, which was stimulating. It felt like I had been doing it for so long, like it were natural for me to kiss a woman and that I wasn't out of touch with such physical contact. Stimulating conversation:does that count? I mean, when something excites me, I get a rush from that. Talking about movies, acting, secular thought, FOOD! Yeah, anytime you get together with friends and you talk about food, everyone gets excited! Preparing and describing the taste of it. I'm not gluttonous enough to go an binges. I haven't had a major gorging of food in a while; that went with my sexual appetite. I can only imagine so much physical pleasure until I'm triggered, then it feels like I've stepped in shit without looking.4. What sexual activity or fantasy would you like to try out? Be Explicit. What's stopping you?I've been to a sex party before, but that was in a different city, in Seattle. I'd rather attend one outside the city I live in, with friends I trust. Another one would be as a masseuse or a lesbian prostitute on call. I would absolutely love to see a butch woman dressed in an R.C.M.P. uniform: I love that outfit, no matter which gender is wearing it. It just drives me crazy! It's the boots, I tell ya. They could dress up as a mountee, tell me they're going to beat up the guy who hurt me, make him apologize to me at length, then come back and make the hurt go away.

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