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Sympathizing With An Old Friend

Posted by raw&burnt , 27 July 2007 · 22 views

Ever since being on Myspace and Facebook, I've been finding people, especially this year, from high school. There's a reunion happening in the fall and I plan to go out there. There's one girl who shared the same classes but we've connected. She was travelling across Canada and would stop in Winnipeg to visit then be on her way. Well, we saw each other, hugged and hung out for a bit. Even as we had lunch, the last man I had sex with approached us. Anyway, we went to her car, saw another show and then as we were going back to her car, I noticed first it was gone. I even spotted the tell-tale broken glass on the sidewalk. She thought it was further. I wanted her to spot it first to take in the reality of it, if that makes sense. She had a minor anxiety attack and we could only call the police. There was nothing much to do, which I wasn't surprised, being disappointed with the law. All her things were in there, her home in Edmonton was sold and she was planning to move to Montreal, so her car was everything, including the stuff in it. She was in a town she'd never been to before so she was lost. My only response was to support her emotionally. She had some credit cards in her purse so she wasn't looking for any hand outs. After a couple of days, she had heat stroke and someone called me on my cellphone as I was having sushi with another out of town friend, who seemed annoyed with another person having troubles needing tending to. He advised me that I should leave her alone, that sometimes friends are so ungrateful when you do anything for then and you end up getting screwed. The cynicism that came out of him triggered someone who was completely unsympathetic towards me, who was emotionally abusive. I realized that to help someone heal is to help them get on with their life. I'd rather be remembered for being a friend than for inflicting "tough love" on someone. Anyway, she was taken to my place where she rested and I watched her. I didn't want to seem slimey, since the last thing she needed was to be seduced, plus I'm to afraid to seduce any women anyway. She's had only one woman in university, but most straight girls do, don't they? I hear of these incidents anyway. Well, in the end, her boyfriend she'd met in Calgary flew in to collect her and pick up her rental car where she left it. They drove off yesterday morning, leaving a thank you note and $25 bucks! I had no reason to believe any money would be given to us. She felt so imposing on us for what she was going through. Actually, I wanted to be more comforting physically, but I'd see it as something more. That's never a good idea, even with the best of intentions, if there's such a thing.
This made quite an interesting week, I'll tell you. I hope to see her at the reunion, but when she was here, we caught up on some old times but mostly the present.
Oh yeah, I couldn't seduce her mainly because we were under my parents roof! I'm too guilt-ridden enough masturbating in my own room, nevermind having sex with someone. If felt good to have a female beside me though. It's been since 2002 that I've slept with a woman, and that man only messed up my head. He was a bad idea, dispite the orgasm I had. If only he kissed. He didn't do that, didn't move his lips when I kissed him. The words "Disappointment" come up. Pursuing sex is courting with emotional pain.

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