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Showing at the Winnipeg International Film Festival.

Posted by raw&burnt , 29 May 2007 · 58 views

Incest: A Family Tragedy
Dir: Edward Blackoff | USA | 2006 | 96 min
Saturday June 9, 1:00 pm - PTE Colin Jackson

An intense exploration of the secret world of child sexual molestation by family members and trusted friends. Hear for the first time the truth of how this crime is done and what motivates this violation. All details directly from the mouths of the actual offenders who are undisguised and unscripted. Learn what this abuse actually does to those violated and how their lives are changed forever - directly from the survivors themselves.
The history of incest is detailed along with how lawmakers are creating laws that make things worse and leave children even more exposed and less protected. There are solutions if we can find the courage, compassion and commitment to better protect our children and their future.


I missed it! Didn't get a chance to view it. Day-um!

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