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Laundromat Quarters

Posted by Jes , 29 February 2008 · 132 views

Quarters are like gold for college students and people in their early 20s who don't have their own laundry machines. Seriously. Remember how pissed you were when you had to pay a dollar for four quarters so you could do your laundry? Or if you had to spend a quarter rather than a two dimes and a nickel to buy a soda?

My husband just purchased a small apartment building that has a coin operate laundry machine and dryer. Now, every few weeks he brings the quarters home and we have the opposite problem - fifty dollars in quarters!

Thing I Love About the South

No one gets mad when they wait for you to pay for 27.31 in groceries using change in the self-scan aisle at Ingles. In fact, they admire you for not paying the .09 on the dollar that Coinstar charges.

Thing I Love About Paying In Quarters

HM, who was all "Mom, why did you take that Diet Pepsi from me, you are the worst mom in the world and I am going to scream so everyone knows it," was so fascinated watching me put quarters in the slot that she forgot to cry.

Things I Look Forward To

In a few years, HM will want to do it for me.

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aawwww, ooohhh poor baby!!!! Is that a picture of her after you took the DP away?

You will always be the hit at every pizza place, arcade etc. with all those quarters!!!

Are you permanently in the south or are you moving back to NY this summer?

I had a vest shirt thing that HM is wearing when I was a kid, did you knit it for her :D ?
jes, what on earth did you do to the princess? tell her she wasn't the center of the known universe? take away the lamb? she looks so angry/sad all at once. :(

tell me about quarters. i have a bag full of change. i am sooooo bad about using it. maybe i'll send it to hm.
After a bit of clicking on the board, I came here .. your blog .. very nicely done!

What a beautiful daughter you have! Her vest is just too adorable .. I do think she wasn't a happy camper when you took that photo lol

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