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Diet Pepsi

Posted by Jes , 21 February 2008 · 186 views

I admit it. I am a Diet Pepsi addict. Diet Coke will do in a pinch, but I love Diet Pepsi. S. thinks that artificial sweeteners are only slightly less toxic than a bottle of chlorine bleach, so I sneak them in the car, which looks like the place where naughty Diet Pepsi bottles are sent to die. Sadly, I think I need to give it up.

HM watches everything I do. When I put lotion on her, I'll rub my hands together to warm it up, so each time I bring out the bottle, she'll start to rub her little hands together. And now, when she sees a bottle of Diet Pepsi, stuff that in her little baby mind must be the equivalent of grown-up gold, she screams and cries and is all "Give that to me now! Bad Mom! BAD MOM!" Fun times in the grocery store.

But still, I've persevered and had my Diet Pepsi. What can I say? Aspartame is addictive. I don't drink too much wine, I don't lie out in the sun, I don't even eat red M&Ms, so I deserve one vice. HM and her developing manual dexterity, however, have made it evident that this vice, too, needs to go. Today, she grabbed a bottle from the graveyard that is my backseat and was playing with it. Did I tell you that she imitates me? She pretend twisted the top off, took a pretend sip, started at it, really twisted the top off and...dumped my half-drank DP all over her cute self.

Yep, time to give it up.

HM reminded of the little one I care for. I'm a nanny for a cutie. He just turned 1. He thinks its fun to imitate me drinking. He picks up my bottles of water and titls his little head back and pretends to guzzle it down. Then when he's done he goes, "Ahhhhhhh". Like he is totally refreshed. He also likes to give me drinks from his sippy cup with baby food smeared all over it. Yuck!
My sister told her kids they could drink it when they turned 5. They turned 5. Begging, begging begging in turn for pepsi (freaks - diet coke with lime is where it is at) all made it through a 1/2 a can. She told them you have to be 5. Who knows why they accepted it. But her oldest was about HM's age when she started it.

And, I do have to say, that aspertame was one of the underlying causes of my wicked migraines.

And, I do have to say, that aspertame was one of the underlying causes of my wicked migraines.

I do not get migraines but aspertame would give me headaches!!! I use to drink diet coke all the time back 10 years ago, lol. Now I drink about 5 soda a year. Not a big soda fan anymore. Everytime I go through some obsessive health kick I end up kicking something new out of my diet, and coke has been it since i was 20.

HM is so cute!!!! Amazing what children pick up these days. The three year old I babysit for now says, "mmm...this is delicious" when eating or drinking something he likes, learned that from me after asking him if is vanilla milk from the Bucks was delicious. The other night he said, "don't be ridiculous(wudiculos) when I told him it was bath time, that was not from me.

How are her shoes? Walking in them yet?

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