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sparrow's little perch

the things my husband said today... and old ghosts

Posted by , 24 July 2005 · 130 views

okay. so i don't use this blog often... it's just that i have not alot of time and i really need to record what happened today... the shock i felt... the way i still feel about it now...my mother-in-law took the kids so that we would have some time to clean the house today. me and my husband got a twelve pack to make the job a little more enjoyabl...

from under this ice...

Posted by , 14 March 2005 · 131 views

i try not to let the anger find me... i try not to let the rage creep in. i am still in disbelief that he would be so disrespectful as to inject himself into my life once again. i'm still reeling from his prescence, his CONTSTANT intrusions into my reality... i guess it just wasn't enough for him. and he has a woman now. its been many years... the...

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