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scaring away people

Posted by nee , 10 September 2008 · 25 views

i obviously have a real problem when i tell people what has happened to me. I tend to scare them all away. is it cuz they don't know what to say??? do they not care??? have too many problems of their own??? i talked to my boss a little this morning. he has always told me if i need to talk....he's here for me. he's such a sweet guy. i t...


why am i here?

Posted by nee , 08 September 2008 · 24 views

there is so much still going on in my life. i can't stand it. i don't feel like i have anyone to talk to. i've shut off so many people. my husband asked me today how i felt about his son moving here. and i flat out told him....i don't feel anything anymore. i'm so drained and so withdrawn from everything i don't care what hap...


a breakthrough? maybe a little one

Posted by nee , 06 September 2008 · 24 views

For the longest time I've wanted to know what happened to me and the girls in the hands of the idiot. I never really knew why except that I couldn't stand not knowing. I have little memories of the 12 years with him. My girls have little memories and it was (is) driving me crazy WHY can't I remember?? Was it that bad? Obviously I didn'...


i don't make any sense anymore

Posted by nee , 17 July 2008 · 45 views

lately i've been feeling awful. i haven't really talked to anyone lately. i really miss kris. it's been almost 3 months since she moved and i miss her so much. what's worse is rach and britt are on their vacation. don't get me wrong, i love my husband and love spending time with him. but it just feels weird without the girls here...



Posted by nee , 29 May 2008 · 27 views

it has really been a long time since i've been here. things are going alright. i'm just so confused.

i have a hard time talking with people. i'm still having horrible dreams about the idiot. andy's never there. i think it's andy, but it turns out to really be the idiot. why am i still doing this to myself??

kris moved. she...


just ranting

Posted by nee , 25 March 2008 · 22 views

I was talking to a friend today and I just get so depressed. Poor thing, she tries and tries to help. She told me I needed to find a t. I have such bad luck with them i just don't know about trying again. then i realized that i hadn't been online here in a long time.....so here i am.

there are so many things going on. she tries to tell me no...


the stepb**ch strikes again!

Posted by nee , 02 March 2008 · 29 views

i hate my stepmother!!!!!!!!!

all the crap she has put kris through!!!!! she had her dog killed......she had her kicked out of her apartment........she totally screwed up the relationship with her and her grandfather.....and NOW!!!!!!

she walked into kris' office on f...


i'm pissed!

Posted by nee , 28 February 2008 · 21 views

ok....here it goes again!! I feel like i'm always pissed about something............when will it end??

ok....so we were suppose to have my stepdad come and do our driveway. we got the dirt, the base...the culverts...and he's been sick...he's been working on some other projects...............whatever!!

ok....so now he's...


stress sucks!

Posted by nee , 24 February 2008 · 33 views

i'm so stressed out all the time.........GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

nothing's been happening lately. there is still the "feud" going on between dad, his bitch, and my family. it's been since before thanksgiving that i have even talked to any of them. that's ok.....


anyone with stepchildren....HELP!

Posted by nee , 30 January 2008 · 27 views

it's been a while since i wrote anything on here. seems like everytime i get a chance to write something, someone always comes in. i don't like writing when people are here. i feel like they are watching everything i write. i know i'm just paranoid, but still.

went to the dermatologist today. just eczema. that's good...atleast it...

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