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Tomorrow...I need some pocket riders please :(

Posted by nee , 19 June 2012 · 23 views

My t was right. I'm having a lot of issues with trusting my husband. It's not like I think he's going to go out and cheat on me. It's not that kind of trust. It's the little things that have come up over time that I just can't seem to let go of.

He tells me over and over again that he'll do something...sometimes as minor...


What am I gonna do now?

Posted by nee , 17 June 2012 · 18 views

Today I found out my health insurance has been cancelled. I knew it was coming but was hoping that I would be able to find out why I've been bleeding so much. I've been bleeding about twice a month or so for the past six months atleast. The doc has tried hormones and then I asked her to go ahead and do the sonogram she wanted to and see if there...


He's holding me back :(

Posted by nee , 03 June 2012 · 17 views

What do you do when your husband is the one holding you back from what you need to do?? For as many years as he and I have been together (11 now), all I've talked about is getting away from this freakin town. My girls are finally grown and they have left. Now, it's time for me to pack up and get out, get away. My ex is in prison, the perfect opp...


Better today

Posted by nee , 23 May 2012 · 21 views

Feeling better today..the girl at the office was having as bad a day as I was yesterday so maybe it wasn't all just that she was pissed at me. I'm still thinking about getting another job. I really need to get out of this town.

Friday I get to take care of my little man...my grandson. My daughter has to take some kind of test for her class a...


why do i get so mad?

Posted by nee , 22 May 2012 · 17 views

The girl at work is really freakin annoying. I get so wound up that I'm just ready to give up and quit. I work with my sister...she's my boss. kinda crazy, i know, but we get along pretty well. but the other girl that's there.....it's like everything she does pisses me off. i can hear her in her office laughing....i get edgy. she's...


another session...

Posted by nee , 20 May 2012 · 23 views

I'm lucky to have found my T. I almost didn't go today...tried to get out of it actually. but she stuck with me and wouldn't let me skip out. She said somethings that really got me thinking. She actually went thru abuse herself and so she knows how to deal with some of the things that I never even saw in myself.

She said she actually aske...


Finally got a T

Posted by nee , 15 May 2012 · 17 views

I have wanted a t for the longest time, but after the last one....I just couldn't endure that shit again. She's an old friend I used to go to school with but really didn't know too well. more of an acquaintance, i guess. Anyways, my mind is scattered in so many directions with so much drama going on in my life....I just can't hardly do a...


why don't people like me?

Posted by nee , 11 May 2012 · 24 views

wow...found out this week how many real friends i have. i think i can count them on one hand. i use to have friends i could talk to...about just about anything. people would call me and just want to "talk". no one calls, no one texts, no one even comments on any of my posts on here or on facebook. i guess i've pushed so many people away from m...


spinning my wheels

Posted by nee , 04 May 2012 · 16 views

my life is just so screwed up and there's nothing i can do about it. i'm just sitting in hell spinning my wheels. it's so hard for people to understand me. i know i've pushed so many away just from being me. the girl at work is just a freakin piece of work. a damn control freak who just can't seem to get it that i don't like her a...


He's finally going away!

Posted by nee , 04 March 2012 · 18 views

It's been so long since I've been on here. I had almost totally forgotten about this website. Things are moving along. Although, I still don't speak to my father. But I have a grandson who turns 1 this week and I have focused on him and he is just the light of my life.

So...last summer, I was looking for my ex on the sex offender's webs...

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