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Posted by nee , 22 June 2012 · 95 views

So....the little skank thinks she's going to use her 2 mo old daughter as a pawn to sneak back into our lives and cause problems. she's got another thing coming. My stepson is beyond pissed. He knows her games and she knows how to set him off. Not an ideal situation to be a part of.

she posted online that she just does not believe how her father can give up on his daughter and never want to see his granddaughter. If she didn't use the child as a weapon like a normal person, I'm sure he would love to meet her. but the way that bitch is..i know what she's going to do. let us get to know the baby and love her and then try to turn the child against us and never let us see her again. it's the same game HER mother and that side of the family punished my husband while his kids were growing up. it's a sick game and THANK GOD my husband and stepson see it!!!!

I told her she needed to back off. if she didn't stop harassing us, i would file harassment charges against her, have a restraining order put on her...if she came near us, I'd have her arrested and tell the judge her daughter needed to be placed in foster care. she needs to back off before she pushed me too far and she did something that would get her daughter taken away from her. i'll do it too. no, i don't think it's fair for the child to be put in the middle, but i can also see the outcome since it's still fresh in my head because her mother did the same thing to my husband for years.

if we get close to the child, my stepdaughter will play her games forever with us. using her to get everything she can out of us just so we can see her. it's a sick sick sick game. even though my ex was a horrible horrible person, i let my girls make their own decision about what they thought about him. and they made the right decisions.

this week has royally sucked.

all i can say is when i finally die and leave this life, i PRAY there is no afterlife for me because the one i've been dealt with this time is truly fucked up and i never want to go thru another one. i hope there is a heaven and i get to go and stay. i don't want to come back....one time is enough.

I'm sorry you are going through such a difficult time right now Nee. I think it's so sad when people use children to try to hurt other people. It sounds like you are probably making the right decision just keeping your distance. Hopefully your stepdaughter will gte bored of her games soon and leave you in peace.

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