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why can't she just leave my family alone?

Posted by nee , 21 June 2012 · 52 views

I can't stand that little ho!!! All she wants to do is create drama. I hate it!!!

My stepdaughter is such the drama queen/skanky/mental case. She is just like her mother. Lying, backstabbing....and now a mother. The cycle continues.....

She has no way of contacting me except face to face. But she has gotten to my daughter. She messaged her on facebook on how much she wants to see her father and talk to him. He wants absolutely nothing to do with her. But I can see it now...she's going to use that little girl to get into our lives and then...she's going to take her away from us and manipulate the whole situation by lying to everyone like her mother does.

I love my husband..but the baggage he comes with is overwhelming. His ex wife has made our lives a living hell and has taught my stepdaughter all her tricks.

I can't take this. I can't go thru this again. My nerves are shot already...my health is not great...what does she want??? does she want me to just die?? Can't she just leave us the hell alone???

I need something...something to help me sleep. I'm so wound up. This week has really sucked.

Just leave my family alone. I can't deal with the drama that you bring to it. There's not much left of my family anymore anyways.
I got to thinking about it...when my girls were young they had my mom and her husband and his 2 daughters...my dad, his wife...my ex's mom & dad, my sister and her family...my ex's 2 brothers and his family...and sister & her family.

Now it's just me...my girls and grandson..my mom has alzheimers...i don't speak to my dad & his wife...my sister and her family and my husband and stepson. what a difference a few years have made. cutting people out of my life...the bad ones...the ones that were hurting me, the ones i couldn't deal with. makes for a lonely little family sometimes. but is it for the better? i'm not sure. be lonely and miserable or be with people you hate and miserable? wow...what a thought

thanks...i don't know how much more bs i can handle. we stay away from the skank for a reason...i'm ready to leave and never come back to this hellhole little drama-rich town. i think she lives here just to fuck with my head. i'm thankful my husband finally sees her for what she truly is...sad part is the girl only 20 yrs old. hopefully one day she'll realize how screwed up she is before her daughter turns out the same way or worse.

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