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needing a friend :(

Posted by nee , 15 November 2012 · 104 views

i have one very good friend that i have talked to for a couple of years about just about everything in life. over the past year she met a guy and she would tell me how he was trying to control her although he lives several hundred miles away from her. she would tell me that she wasn't scared of him (she lives with her brother and doesn't have kid...


he's out

Posted by nee , 17 October 2012 · 67 views

every couple of days or so i would check the website to see if there was a release date for my ex (my abuser). he was in prison for failure to register as a sex offender. i checked again...and he was scheduled for release. i once again became consumed with figuring out where he was actually being released to. it's about a 5 hr drive from here...und...


he thinks it will all blow over

Posted by nee , 26 July 2012 · 66 views

well, it's been almost a week of the husband not speaking to me. he finally wrote me an email, not apologizing, just explaining why he has been such a jerk. i know the reasons. he doesn't want his son to go back to where he was living before. his son is 18 and doesn't have to, nor does he want to live with his mother. he wants to leave in t...


It's over.

Posted by nee , 24 July 2012 · 94 views

well, i think my 2nd marriage is over. i'm tired of being married to a lazy slob. he carries so much baggage with him, it's more than i can handle. i know i come with baggage, but i know there are things that need to be done and get them taken care of.

he's not getting any better. i've told him he needs to go talk to someone if he can...


stay or go?

Posted by nee , 02 July 2012 · 67 views

I'm so tired of my situation...I have forever wanted to leave this stupid little town I'm in. I grew up here and even now, in my 40s want to get the hell out!!! I'm so pissed at my husband right now. He knows how much I want to leave....NEED TO LEAVE, and he treats it like a fucking joke. We own the house we live in so I would ei...


I hope the next 2 weeks go by FAST!

Posted by nee , 26 June 2012 · 44 views

Yesterday was crazy. I guess I was coming off my concoction of meds & no sleep from last weekend and was grouchy and mean and just very unsociable at work.

Thank God I have a session with my T tomorrow after work!!!

My sister who is also my boss is in surgery or getting ready to be for her hysterectomy. That means for the next 2 week...


so adding to a shitty week my EX has to be brought into the picture...ugh...

Posted by nee , 24 June 2012 · 37 views

so....on top of....the biopsy, the skank stepdaugher & her stupid ho mother, and my mother and her dipshit husband....my ex(who is in prison) decides he's going to try to find a way to get under my skin too.

I was talking to my oldest daughter and she told me she had been getting letters from her father and has been like once a week for the past...


just when you think it could be over...the OTHER side of the family gets their blow in

Posted by nee , 23 June 2012 · 38 views

so...i think shitty is not a very accurate word to describe how this week has been. started with the biopsy...then the skank stepdaughter and now MY mother and the dipshit she's married to had attack me from behind..

If God is testing me...let this be the final thing. I'm to the point, I just don't know how I'm going to make it. I'...



Posted by nee , 22 June 2012 · 75 views

So....the little skank thinks she's going to use her 2 mo old daughter as a pawn to sneak back into our lives and cause problems. she's got another thing coming. My stepson is beyond pissed. He knows her games and she knows how to set him off. Not an ideal situation to be a part of.

she posted online that she just does not believe how her fat...


why can't she just leave my family alone?

Posted by nee , 21 June 2012 · 47 views

I can't stand that little ho!!! All she wants to do is create drama. I hate it!!!

My stepdaughter is such the drama queen/skanky/mental case. She is just like her mother. Lying, backstabbing....and now a mother. The cycle continues.....

She has no way of contacting me except face to face. But she has gotten to my daugh...

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