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term 3

Posted by Steve , 27 September 2007 · 10 views

Term 3 started right where term 2 left off, I arrived at school on the first day and went and hid until after the bell had gone.
The usual locker room stuff started pretty quickly and I began to avoid them more and more. I started going to my locker between periods 5 and 6. I would grab what I needed for homework and run back to class before I got into tr...


Year 7 part 1

Posted by Steve , 26 September 2007 · 10 views

Ok I have managed to get down half of year 7. I was going to just do a turm at a time but Just kept going.
Here we go
Year 7
Trigger violence, SA
Again everything stepped up a level, the hitting got harder, the bashings more regular and things like taking my pants often turned into full stripping. All the teasing got nastier and more personal like telli...


First 3 years (Before SA)

Posted by Steve , 23 September 2007 · 11 views

Time to tell.
I am going to start at the beginning and just post a bit at time, Lets see how I go.

Grade 4.
I transferred to another school for the start of grade 4. I had some sort of delayed development stuff and couldn’t read or write. The other kids found out when I was asked to get up in front of the class and read something. I was teased all...


Reply to feedback

Posted by Steve , 20 September 2007 · 11 views

Got this reply to my first post in my blog. Here Decided to post it here and add my reply.


It sounds like you are really struggling right now and I am so sorry for that. I know you have a lot of questions that need answered. I would say the first step would be to find therapists in your area and maybe call them and see which ones are taking new p...



Posted by Steve , 20 September 2007 · 11 views

I feel a bit funny tody. Got som feedback on my blog and some good advise.
The support I am getting here is awsome and has really helped.
I am swinging between wanting to just blurt everything out and wanting to crawl back into my shell.
I have read alot of the posts and got onto the mens forum.
I feel a bit overwhelmed, the abuse that some of these peop...


Perceptions of s*ex

Posted by Steve , 20 September 2007 · 11 views

ASked this morning if maybe my perceptions have been cloued by the SA. Didn't do a good job of it though, Know what I want to ask but am still running out of words.
read a post about a kid that smacked another kid (8 years old) Had to post on that one. at least the school is acting.


One week in

Posted by Steve , 17 September 2007 · 11 views

Here we are 1 week after posting to Pandies.
I am Going to try to keep this diary to keep track of what happens and how I fare.
I am unsure how I am feeling, I had a low last Thursday and ended up in tears. I am not sure what triggered it but I think it was due to posting and reading the various different stories. I probably hit it a bit hard but what i...

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