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how many more kicks can i take

Posted by Steve , 29 July 2008 · 100 views

I just got back from the Dr's. I am dangerously close to being diabetic.
He just out and said that i had to loose major weight.
He knows about the depression, sleep clinick and T, he set them all up. He is also the one who helped me with special concideration fro uni exams.
He knows that i am way past the end of my rope and yet he just sais I will just have to do it.
I tried asking him how and he sais cut out all sugar. but if it wasn't for the sugar and caffene then I would not be able to function at all.
it is a viscious circle and i can't see any end in sight. Now I am confronted with the choice, do I want to finish my degree but be diabetic or do i just abandon it and be a healthy nothing for the rest of my life.

I just can't believe that I still can't get a decant go of things. I don't want it given to me, i just want a slim chance, I can do the rest.
I have tried so much, I have no enjoyment left in life and I don't know if i can keep going. I really feel like just curling up in a ball somewhere.

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