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telling someone

Posted by Steve , 07 January 2008 · 100 views

Ok here are the details.
It was christmas day and I went back up the beach after lunch at my sisters house.
when I got bck to the caravan, I saw that some friends had arrived so I went in to see them. I was friends with Holly but she had moved interstate so I was saying Hi to her little Brother who had just turned 18. To my supprise, Holly had moved back home and we decided to catch up. I have known Holly since she was 2 and we have always been good friends despite the age difference (she is 24 and I am 36).
anyway we decided to catch up. Holly, Mitchell and I ended up on the river drinking and talking.
Holly began talking about her BF and how he had been funny. she likened him to her former BF who supported her when she was almost R*ed. I said that i would give her a link to a website (Pandies) if they promised not to ask any questions. they agreed and I gave them the addy. of course there wasn't any way I could explain what it was about or how I was here without disclosing so I told them I was R*ed . Both Holly and Mitchell were really good and I have spoken to Holly a couple of times since. she told me that the most important thing I could do is to deal with this. she has given me her new number and told me to ring her if I needed to.
Mitchell also asked me if he could pass the link onto someone else who may need it.
I was a bit concirned the next day incase it had changed them but they were fine.
so there you go and the sky hasn't fallen in woo hoo.
I have told my T and he is happy, he sais that it is a very big step.

yeah mate it is a huge step and I am happy i told it is like out there now and can't go back. I have always been one to burn the bridges behind me with things and it seems that I have done it again.
I don't think the "other person" is Mitchell but at least if it is he already has 2 people he has grown up with who can help him. he also knows about us so he may find it easier to talk if he needs to.

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