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Posted by ~Samantha~ , 20 July 2007 · 149 views

I am finally learning about my life. Yes I am still numb. Yes I still hurt. And hell yes the events are never going to always be with me. But I think I am finally learning that I can not control everything and somethings are so far out that I can't do anything about it.
I blamed myself for the past two and a half months since the event has happened saying that the sexual assault/rape was my fault. I gave it and told myself every reason why it was my fault. But today I am here saying IT IS NOT MY FAULT. I know that I am not to blame because I DID NOT ask to be raped but instead all I did was go to watch a movie.

Thank you ass hole (perp) I learned from you that even if they look nice and act nice they are not always nice.


Jul 21 2007 11:54 PM
:yay: Huge step for you, this is great. I came to that point quite a while back and it made so much difference in my healing. Like a weight off of my shoulders, I hope you feel this way too.. Your right, it was not your fault, you did not do anything wrong. foreverhurt

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