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Why the hell does life hate me

Posted by ~Samantha~ , 15 July 2007 · 92 views

Why the hell does my life seem to go against me everytime I turn around. Wasn't it bad enoguh that I feel so dead and gone but to add to it I can not sleep a single bit. Now gracious life wasn't that enough. No of course not it wasn't bad enough putting me through hell last year with two room mates who both drank and hated me. It wasn't enough that I struggled but finally got by. No you gave me a fricken glimpse of hope that I finally would have a better year and you took it from me. Of course the girl who is suppose to be my room mate will not be coming back because she lost her scholarship. Of course that was her idiotic fault but still. Now I am left to have a random room mate. Even my closeset freind doesn't think that is a good idea. With my problems with si with the recent rape the fact that I have to start reporting when I get back and I have two jobs, 17 credit hours, 2 courses for no credits and protestant worship and more. She is so scared that I am going to flip out on who ever my room mate is and than there will be problems just cause of my fucken life hateing me.
Life isn't worth it. Life isn't worth my time. Yes I will continue to go to my classes and I will continue to work and I will work harder than ever this year but I promise I am DONE with this all. I am going to dedicate my free time to studying and doing just that.

Jul 15 2007 09:45 PM
Life does not hate you, its just a bad time now. The world is a better place with you in it. foreverhurt

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