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sometimes i think it isnt worth fighting it anymore

Posted by Justin , 07 June 2007 · 63 views

why do i fight it? why do i carry on with it? I just want the pain to go away.....

Dawn Aubade
Jun 29 2007 12:44 PM
You fight because you are a survivor and the (sometimes annoying to us) thing about survivors is that we always fight. I wish I dind't fight sometimes, but there is something that I hate in me that always fights. I know I am meant to be grateful to that part of me, but I am not.
I know how much it hurts, but sometimes we just have to trust that annoying part of us that keeps us alive because it knows somethign it isn't telling us and it is keeping us alive for that purpose.
I am sorry you are hurting so much right now. It isn't fair.
Love Dawn

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