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being nothing

Posted by Justin , 23 May 2007 · 90 views

i feel like nothing. i dont know who my dad is and i want to. i love my mom but am scared to ask her. she's never said anything about it. my grandma is in jail and thats my fault to. i hate the way grandma is with my mom. i told her to f**** off and she got really mad and said no boy of hers would use that mouth and hit me. i shouldnt have then mom was mad at grandma. i told..i screamed it what she did and now shes in jail. mom said i should of told her before. i tried mom but you woodn't listen :tear:

You never deserve to be hit..... that was not your fault... it doesn't matter what you say... an adult should have the control to hold back their emotions and not let it run them.
I am glad that you told someone about it.
You should be safe... and not have people that fly off the handle cause you cursed at them.
I mean if I did I would have been in jail years ago cause I have been cursed at so many time I have lost count.
Cursing is not good and I am not condoning it but I will not condemn it either.
Talk to you mom about your father... and tell her why you want to see him and get to know him and know about him... she might not be receptive at first but just give it time... and besides when you are 18 then you have every right to go see him if you want to.
Take Gentle Care
I'm sorry that your grandmother hurt you Justin :( It wasn't your fault at all. I'm glad that you told also.

Please be easy with yourself.

take care,
You are not a nothing. My Grandma never knew her father either. She knew who he (probably) was, but she never met him. He lived in another country and used to send her sister gifts and cards and never acted like my grandma was even alive. Her sister was her mom's favorite, too. This hurt Grandma a lot as a kid. She was very neglected and felt very unloved.

However, if she wasn't born, no one else in my family would be here either. NOt even me. Waithout her, you wouldn't be reading this right now. She would have never had my dad, who is a great dad.

Grandma's dad thought she didn't matter, but she turned out to be generous, very funny, a really good cook and a happy person with a family who loved her. It just took some time. She went from feeling unloved by the most important people in her life to being very very very loved by lots and lots of people.

You are not a nothing. You are an important person, you just don't know it yet. Hang in there. Growing up is hard. I think only a few people enjoy it: the rest are just pretending. Some day, someone who loves you (maybe a grandkid like me) will tell the world how great you are. Just like I'm telling you now.

As for the kids weho throw you in the dumpster, they are just losers and they know it. They are morons who know they will never be smarter than the brain-dead rejects they are right now so they hate anyone like you who, on your worst day, has ten times the brain power of all of them put together.

You are better than them and always will be.

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