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More pictures Ive taken

Posted by Justin , 16 February 2009 · 119 views

Playing with this little spinner is pretty fun. Had to steady the camera on a tripod to get this one.

Land trotter
These critters are my favorite at the zoo. They are so calm and peaceful it makes me wish I...


another sleepless night

Posted by Justin , 20 October 2008 · 96 views

Not sure how much longer I can go on like this...


at a loss for words

Posted by Justin , 13 October 2008 · 122 views

I read the forums each day and want to respond alot more but am at a loss for words and am afraid of sounding stupid. I end up saying nothing then feel bad about it.


tired of getting thrown in the trash dumpster at school

Posted by Justin , 23 September 2007 · 120 views

im getting tired of being thrown in the trash dumpster at school so i think im going to start working out. I'm scared to but i dont know how else to stand up to someone that is a giant to me.


started this last night

Posted by Justin , 29 June 2007 · 111 views


A certain frame of mind,
On a cloudy night in spring,
I sit alone when I should be far away
dreaming of a different view,
of Life, happiness and more,
yet dreams are only wraiths,
Shadows in the night
Tired of all these thoughts,
Yet unable to rest this head,
Trying not to journey into the past


sometimes i think it isnt worth fighting it anymore

Posted by Justin , 07 June 2007 · 74 views

why do i fight it? why do i carry on with it? I just want the pain to go away.....


being nothing

Posted by Justin , 23 May 2007 · 126 views

i feel like nothing. i dont know who my dad is and i want to. i love my mom but am scared to ask her. she's never said anything about it. my grandma is in jail and thats my fault to. i hate the way grandma is with my mom. i told her to f**** off and she got really mad and said no boy of hers would use that mouth and hit me. i shouldnt have then mom w...

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