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a minor update to the story of my decline

Posted by slinky_chix , 28 June 2007 · 40 views

Its been a while. I don't feel like writing. I think so much why write it down. I cant fit it all here anyway.

Broke my ankle a while ago. Had three surgeries on it. First to fix the tendons, then to open it cause it got infected. Then I tore it up inside so I had to get it pinned. Sigh. Can't walk. I don't even start Phys THerapy until August.

My eye isnt going to get better. I can't read. TV gives me a headache. I hope in Aug or Sept when my one eye gets adjusted and I get my new glasses I will see better. Or not. Who knows.

My moms whack. I can't get rid of her. I hate her more than I love her.

I let her into my life and shes taken over. I can't get her back under her rock.

I can't even put down the hurt, jealousy, anger, disappointment I feel...

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