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On the Road Again

Posted by PrincessVader , 23 March 2007 · 101 views

My jouney today will be a literal one. I am on my way out to the local senior center and the local forest service station to sign up for some volunteer work and see what projects are on offer. I want to serve others, and at the same time, I want to be served, myself. I want to get out and make friends and not be so lonely, and I want to give others a smile.

:rainbow: :butterfly:


That is great that you are getting out there and helping others. :yay: :D
Mar 24 2007 01:00 AM
Thank you, sweetheart, for both comments. My soulmate and dearest friend in the world suggested that to me. He has known me for over seven years, and he knows how much healing that serving others and loving the trees can give me. He may not understand r*pe, according to him, but he does understand pain. For that, I continually send him blessings. And some for you, too.

:wub: and :hug: :hug: if you like,

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