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The brain and the soul

Posted by Zainab , 14 August 2014 · 58 views

I studied psychology and learned from my teacher: if a child suffered sexual abuse under the age of 5 and received no help and protection - the chances to a successful future are like a drop in the ocean. 
Many adults don't talk about their bad childhood experience. They don't seek counselling. 
The adults who speak about this, have a lot of negativity. A woman said that her soul was torn apart and she is not the same person. 
I had some counselling sessions. I suffer from long-term relationship problems. In other words, I haven't met a male to spend my future with, or better to say marriage if you like. I know the reason why. 
I met men from marriage dating sites, but they were not compatible and most were not lovable. I am old now as over 50 years have passed. I believe in a future with a compatible male or man if you like. The one I know is very much older than me and I love him. He loves me too, as seen recently. 
My comment sounds happy? I am not happy. He send the signal from a far distance. I am very happy about the love-signal. I can't remember whether I ever met him, maybe in 2012. *** Uncertainty issue *** I am quite patient, but ...
I'll be back another time. Please comment and I wish you all a good future and happiness. A normal life is having a suitable husband / wife. 

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