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Feeling Empty

Posted by MrsBose , 12 August 2014 · 53 views

My one true saving grace in my life is my Husband. I was in a really bad place 7 years ago when I met him. I probally just seemed insane to him. Crying for no reason, excessive binge drinking, fighting, anxiety....ugh...I look back like...what a tard I was!
He was understanding, sensative, sweet, and very very honest with me! http://www.pandys.org/...


Day 1...What this blog means to me...a new start

Posted by MrsBose , 11 August 2014 · 70 views

I have never had a safe place to discuss the things that happened to me in my life thus far. Diary...mom found that, notes to friends...mom found that...talk to my mom??! What kind of question is that!?! couldn't talk to a teacher or guidance councler becuase they would just tell my mom....see a theme here??!
This blog is going  to be somewhe...

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