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Guardians of the Galaxy, Minus 5 Stars!

Posted by EmmaF , 04 August 2014 · 369 views

Guardians of the Galaxy, Minus 5 Stars! This movie is offensive - don't waste your time going to see it.
A movie involving characters of different alien species has plenty of scope to present gender in diverse and interesting ways but this movie just churns out the same old shit - the women are sexually objectified - the men are wise-cracking, muscular, tough guys. Stereotype stereotype stereotype...
There is a character called Gamora who is portrayed as a sassy, but-kicking lady. She ends up joining forces with the main hero - Peter Quill.
She is there for bored daddies to wank over...
Her body type is typical of the kind of female represented in movies - round high breasts, slim waist, curvaceous butt and thighs, long legs. Her fight scenes involve displays of her flexibility. She is eye candy.
There is a scene in the movie where she wins some minor spat with Quill - followed by a shot of her ass and legs as she climbs a ladder. Just in case any of the misogynist ass holes out there were threatened by the idea of a female character having a character this sequence returns her firmly to the role of sex object. 
At the end of the movie a flashback image overlay shows her to be interchangeable with the main protagonists mother (!) 
This is the protagonist who tries to kiss her and who is flirting with her.
There is a scene where he tries to woo her and she rejects him.
He wins her over as part of his ascension to heroic status during the film.
Its so annoying - at the end of the movie - after a scene which celebrates team work as a means to overcome adversity the five characters of Guardians of the Galaxy are on Quill's ship and Quill asks what their next adventure will be - 'something good, something bad, or a bit of both?' Gamora leans towards him and says, 'whatever you want'
Some message about team work! 
Gamora's sister is an ambitious women - who is the evil baddie of the film. Because ambition+vagina = evil? no, because the people who made this film as ass-holes :)
This movie also features Glen Close as a token lady in a role of power - however she doesn't have much to say - she wears make up and has a plethora of styled, buxom, glossy haired and made up young women standing in the back ground of her shots. Again - no substance to the character - just eye candy.
Don't waste your time with this crappy film!
I give it -10 points 

Aug 04 2014 07:57 PM

my aunt J (my mom's sister) wants to see this. I'm not really into those type of movies.

Blondie2002 ! save yourself the head-ache and skip it!!

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