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Lucy Move Review

Posted by EmmaF , 01 September 2014 · 104 views

Lucy Move Review Lucy - dismal racist shit, depictions of a woman victimised by men, unrealistic survivor narrative...
I went to see Lucy after a long day at work. I went with my single white male housemate and his white married father of two pal and our mutual s.w.m. pal.
We can divide this movie fairly neatly into 'before Lucy has super-powers' and 'after...


Guardians of the Galaxy, Minus 5 Stars!

Posted by EmmaF , 04 August 2014 · 371 views

Guardians of the Galaxy, Minus 5 Stars! This movie is offensive - don't waste your time going to see it.
A movie involving characters of different alien species has plenty of scope to present gender in diverse and interesting ways but this movie just churns out the same old shit - the women are sexually objectified - the men are wise-cracking, muscular, tough guys. Stereotype stereotype stereot...


Welcome to my Blog and Please Contribute and Reply as much as you want!

Posted by EmmaF , 04 August 2014 · 129 views

Welcome to my Blog and Please Contribute and Reply as much as you want! This is a blog I'm starting as a place to express my opinions about the many shit movies I've watched. 
It really pisses me off that so many movies depict men disrespecting women's boundaries as romantic. 
I'm listing movies and my assessment of them as separate entries. 
Please add your comments as you wish! 

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