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Triggered and afraid

Posted by Asche , 02 August 2014 · 91 views

I was browsing one of my favorite sites last night, when I came across this one user claiming to have been raped.
I, of course, came to her aid, giving all the information I knew to help.
But when I did this, I viewed the other users posts, which were mostly jokes about it. I became infuriated that they were taking an event like this so lightly, and responded.
In return, they made fun of me and claimed to be completely serious and that I needed to lighten up.
So, I helped by talking with the girl a little longer, until their words became too much. They were asking too in depth of questions. The questions didn't seem to bother the girl, but I began shaking and started hyperventilating.
At this moment I don't know if that girl was legitimately raped, all I know is I can never look at those users the same way again.
My nightmare came back. And I haven't had it for over four years, ever since mom and me moved out of Dad's place. 

Once in a while I will go onto Yahoo Answers and check out the Health -> Mental Health forum. If someone there asks questions related to CSA or rape I will answer a question but I would refer them to more appropriate sites to get more information from. I also give my opinion that answers on sites like Yahoo and similar places are typically worth what you paid for them. Anyone can post an answer and they don't have to know anything about the subject in order to do it.


You need to take more care in how much you expose yourself. I totally get the desire to help. Point them in the right direction and then hope they will follow it.

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