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Why did daddy hurt me

Posted by southerndelightt , 12 July 2014 · 109 views

I was young and innocent as could be
why did daddy hurt me 
why did daddy take my innocents from me
I was so happy my dolly and me
why did daddy do that to me 
I was young that day but never no more for that day I became your whore
no more a little girl would I be, why could no one see
At night when all was asleep why did daddy always come hurt me
I was so young he was so strong he always made sure everyone was gone
For years I have lived behind walls that would not let any one see just how deep daddy hurt me
I never knew why mamma didn't save me
now I am a big girl and I don't cry at night
For now I know how to fight
He took so much from me
But no more will "Daddy Hurt Me"

Wow very powerful words southerndelight! I love your take at the end: YES, you are capable of fighting back so nobody can EVER hurt you again. I am terribly sorry for what your father did to you. I admire your courage <3
Jul 13 2014 04:43 PM

Thank you, it has taken me many years to get where I am today. I still have a long way to go, but you are right no one will ever have the power and control over me again that he had.

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