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Posted by regan11 , 24 June 2014 · 78 views

Today is ok.  I feel better than I have recently.  I'm not thinking of my past abuse, but about my now and my future.  My husband is being incredible.  He's so patient and sweet and those traits are making me want to be a better version of me. 
I was running a few errands today (changing my last name!!! :) ) one of the errands was to the bank and as I sat in the bank office I noticed a quote on the wall.  "Courage is not always a roar, but sometimes a small voices that says 'I will try again tomorrow.' " Usually these quotes mean nothing to me.  I read them and think "oh ok. whatever."  But for some reason today that quote really meant a lot.  I've been trying so hard to be perfect for my husband both in bed and out that I wasn't really thinking about me.  Its ok not to be perfect.  As long as I am trying to move forward, being open and honest, and giving my best effort my husband will still love me and be proud of me.  As we try more and more to move me through my healing journey the more I understand how much he loves me and what I need to do to show him I love him.  Just knowing I can try again tomorrow really meant a lot today.  I have time to learn and get better.  And that's ok. 
Not sure if any of this made sense or if I just rambled.  I hope the quote helps someone else like it helped me today. 
Love my sweet new blessings.

It's a great quote, even if it is the kind of thing I too would have 'whatever'ed. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to trying again tomorrow, too.

I like it too - thanks for sharing it.


I hit enter to soon but wanted to say............yeah!!!

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