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suggestions please?

Posted by Snowhite1995 , 02 June 2014 · 32 views

Hi guys, I am wondering HOW do I recover from PTSD?? I'm trying to move on in life, but no matter where I go, my past haunts me and its starting to drive me crazy!!!! im always stressed and I need some suggestions of calming down and sleep.

Hey Snowhite,


PTSD treatment can be a difficult process, but there are options that can help! Hopefully, you are seeing a T currently. Getting professional/skilled support is one of the best things you can do. Personally, I've found the combination of therapy, practicing deep breathing throughout the day (one biofeedback T had me do it for 20 minutes/day, and I've never felt calmer in my life!), an evening routine (part of what some call "sleep hygiene"), and medications useful. I'm also a huge fan of emdr, which is a type of therapy specifically designed to help people get "unstuck" from past traumas. I found that so helpful when I was able to afford it. One of the very first T assignments I had was to vividly imagine a safe place, real or imaginary, that I could "go" to when I felt anxious. I had to practice it 4x a day, which I didn't always do...but the more frequently I did it, the more it helped. Maybe something like that or grounding activities could help you out with the sleep?

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