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Stupid oblivious people (rant)

Posted by PinkWalls , 20 May 2014 · 193 views

So, last time i mentioned that the co-worker (that bitch) who broke my trust and told people, about my story behind my back without even a consideration to talk to me first.
Since then, she's grown in her role as 'that bitch'.
Where to start..... When i moved apartments, and she shows up while I'm packing, even after i told her not to... she finds out about my internet. My old apartment has internet, so i tried to change the service to my other place. But like everything else, it proved to be an uphill battle.
 The company I'm with told me, there's no service in that new apartment, so i decided to cancel it and pay a cancellation fee.
That bitch goes on her own with out asking my permission and tells the internet people, i will go and get some document get it stamped and then i wont need to pay. Sure...that's helpful...in any other circumstance i would welcome it...but after seeing her act up and her true nature...i just really want nothing to do with her, either than professionally (which is so hard to keep).
I speak to her about it, and said, no thank you...I'll pay the cancellation fee...which is nothing to me. Apparently she thinks I'm some poor person who can't afford anything. She goes on to pressure me into changing my mind and saying i should just do the document and not pay...she actually says "you should save your money...buy some earings..."
Firstly it's not her job to worry about my money, that's my business...secondly, she has no right to even say "save it" I'm completely at a loss for words...I'm younger than her...maybe she sees herself as a mother figure now...because i opened up to her about what happened which i really didnt even want to do so in the first place...so regret that now.
Coming to my workplace knowing that no one knew what happened, was comfortable for me...now coming her, having to deal with that...plus her behaviour...
I haven't confronted her about anything yet...because well I'm not the confrontational type ... and also we work together...I'm afraid once i start I might blow up...she wont understand...and it'll blow up even more...i have to work with her i dont want things to be any worse than they are now...
I've been practicing things to say so i don't blow up...to sit her down and tell her calmly...her behaviour is just not appropriate....but to someone who hate confrontation and is just generally friendly with everyone...this is just a bit much..
Besides panic attacks at certain triggers, i now developed anxiety about seeing her...
I don't know what to do...in her point she probably sees things as her helping me, in my point i just want her to leave me alone, and keep things professional. Why the fuck is that so difficult...I guess this is my fault fo rmaking the stupid decision on letting her know in the first place...thinking back...i dont know why i did it...i dont know what was going through my head...
SIgh, i love my job, i really do, i just want this to stop, i want it all to stop. I feel like I'm boiling over, there's too much to handle. On the outside, no one sees anything...i make sure of that, but on the inside, this is the only place that knows how difficult of a time i'm having to just keep it together to simply just breathe, the air is thicker than usual...probably my imagination...but it feels that way. I don't want to break. I just want it to stop...

Don't blame you one bit. I would be furious with anyone who did that to me. Not your fault at all, there are certain things you should expect every normally intelligent adult to understand.

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