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trying to cope ...

Posted by PinkWalls , 14 May 2014 · 119 views

So i found another place to stay...unfortunately its in the same district as my previous apartment, just thinking about it, makes my insides turn, but since i tried and failed during this week to search else where ...so now dont have much choice in the matter, staying at a motel for a week and a half is becoming too expensive,  ill have to just stick it out in the new place for a few months until i can head home.
i'm really not doing too good, things just keep going downhill.
by tomorrow i'll need to go back to my old apartment and pack up, I havent been able to go there since... I'm not going alone...but i'm still terrified of my emotions that might overwhelm me.
I don't know if i can do this...

I am sorry you couldn't find a place in a more comfortable area. I am glad you do not have to go back and pack up alone but also know it will still be terribly hard. Wish I had some words of wisdom to offer you. I am very sorry you are having to go through this.

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