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dreading weekends

Posted by PinkWalls , 21 June 2014 · 132 views

i used to love fridays and couldn't wait to get off work and start my weekend.
but now...i hate it, i feel anxious every time. I've had advice of going out and keeping busy,
but i hate going out now, i dont want to see friends or go to public places, i also have no motivation to start hobbies.

I'm not sure what to do about me, feels like a part of...


bus rides

Posted by PinkWalls , 09 June 2014 · 163 views

A high school boy repeatedly pushed his crotch up agaist my shoulder in the bus today. i dot know if it was on purpose or not, the bus is usually full, though wasnt as full at the time.... decided to get off and walk instead.

Intentional or not, cant help the feeling of wanting to rip my shoulder off. Been scratching at it repeatedly trying to get rid of...


Bad news

Posted by PinkWalls , 05 June 2014 · 168 views

The DNA results came out, as I thought...I waited till too late to get the kit done,
There was no DNA. I know I could've gone through with the charges if there was... but now... it's so complicated .
..going to prove everyone right if I don't do anything...
yes...I'm a coward.
....rode an elevator with a drunken man that kept s...

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