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Broken Wings

Posted by butterflyWings2 , 02 May 2014 · 40 views

Broken Wings Broken Wings
they took away my freedom
they took away my hope
they've kept me in this darkness
where I've had to learn to cope
I've lived with constant guilt & shame
It's been hard to hold my head up high
the victim always bares the blame
can someone tell me why?
they knew that it was wrong
I was not theirs to take
but it will not define me
because it was not my mistake
It took me years to get this far
a lifetime of guilt I've felt
years of being afraid to speak
about the evils I'd been dealt
finally now I see the light
somewhere in the distance
I need to keep it in my sights
find a way to stop resistance
I'm not out of darkness yet
but in my cocoon I've made a crack
and when I'm free I'll spread my wings
and never will I look back!!!
by butterfly  Posted Image  
written April 29th 2014

May 2016

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    butterflyWings2 - May 02 2014 12:07 PM
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    jmy3sns - May 02 2014 06:11 AM


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