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In The Form of a Pill (drugged and raped by a friend)

Posted by butterflyWings2 , 02 May 2014 · 70 views

In the Form of a Pill
I close my eyes
the misty night air
tightens in my throat
I gasp
reliving you like a desperate lyric
reverberating over and over again
that night
a malignancy stained
into the fundamental existence
of trusting ignorance
a chartreuse soul
reading scarlet letters
and blaming myself
for your friendly portrayal
and lustful betrayal
in the form of a pill
slipped into the fragrance of saffron
when the roses were in bloom
and only you knew the intensity
of a broken heart lost and alone
in the crumbled foundation
of a troubled remnant
where fabric of a young bride
had been ripped and torn to shreds
in the wake of a marraige
and the wake up call of a mistress
I was broken and helpless
and YOU
disguised as a friend
moved in for the kill
in the form of a pill
dazed and confused
intoxicated by a sip
of tasted betrayal
that left me lathargic
in the arms of a monster
when even then
you were not man enough
to go it alone
and the two of you
still echo in sounds
of muffled laughter
and unclear words
that follow me
forever trapped
in the dark corners
of a cerebral mask
where shame and self blame
lived for years
in the memory of 6 missing hours
that come like flashes of blinding light
and hidden memories
forever reappearing
disguised as a friend
that stole my will
in the form of a pill...
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