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why ?

Posted by redballon , 30 May 2014 · 30 views

Why do I see him in other people? People who are kind and nice. Why can't I trust people. I just let me sit alone a way from everyone when I feel bad and when I feel good its only due to me hiding part myself the girl who trusted someone the once innocient but how broken part of me that makes me so ashamed to be me so I hide it. Pretending to be normal....


therapy moving on?

Posted by redballon , 24 May 2014 · 25 views

I have been in therapy for a while.
I have never actually spoken about what happened to my t in detail.

I told them what happened I am not sure if that's common or not but its frustrating talking about the future and moving on but not really looking at what happened.


Not sure what to write

Posted by redballon , 01 May 2014 · 26 views

I am red i started to goto therapy for the first time in feb. http://www.pandys.or...ult/scared2.gif
I am not sure how everyone elses therapy works but i am supposed to see one lady. Right now though she is ill so every week i go i get another person the last few times i have been its been a man which is o...

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