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why do you not belive me

Posted by haylee , 23 April 2014 · 79 views

I remember when I told my Mam I had been raped it was late At night I woke her up and said "Mam he raped me" I didn't expect her response "are you sure you are not in a relationship with him" my heart sank she said not to tell my sister because she would stop me seeing her kids she said she would text him that was 3 years ago now I live with my dad and when she comes to see us we go and get my neice he is there my Mam acts normal around him like he is a god I hate him but all I know how to do is hide I don't look at him and try not to talk to him sometimes I have to think was what my Mam said true but then I remember no I would never do that to my sister or her kids I love them it has stopped me going to see them I wish I was brave anoth to get. On with it I always tell my neice and nephew they can tell me anyting at all and I won't be mad I will do all I can to help them if they need me I'm here once again I am left to think am I to blame I mean I never said no but how could I. I just froze I live day to day now and vow nobody will hurt my son the only good thing about it happening to me is now I will protect my son more I would die for him he will always no he can talk to me he is the reason I get up in the morning my family don't treat him like they do my sisters kids but I am glad because he won't turn out like them he will always no I love him to the moon and back

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