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why can't I hate u

Posted by haylee , 21 April 2014 · 52 views

why can't I hate u You were such a good mother untill you met him you stopped caring for your kids we suffered now we are So messed up we even try and see who iS more messed up they say its them but who can it be you have let your 2nd husband and your friend abuse me you have let my bRother inlaw rape me but yet you Don't get mad you just defend them how can a mother do that I love my son and no1 will ever hurt him if they do I will make them pay but you just didn't care I want to hate u and cut you out of my lifE but I don't want to hurt u I had the chance to tell at school but I couldn't I was scared u would get in trouble I can't talk to anyone even though family know they didn't help me so why should I go to them now u have messed me up I am scared of my own dad who would never hurt me in my. Relationship I need constant.reasureanse that I'm loved thanks for everything

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