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1. My Story - Part 1

Posted by Gwynhwfar , in Story, Uncategorized 21 April 2014 · 142 views

Feeling purpley today. So, I've been here for a few days. I've finally accepted I was raped and wondering 'now what?'. How do you move from accepting on a intellectual level that something happened. That that something was sexual abuse and that it wasn't my fault. I get all that. But how to get my emotions to let go. To let my body remembrances let go.
It was in July 1995. I'd done my advanced certificate examination. I saw him while I was on my way to the exam. I was on my bike. He was just walking. But he'd left the country years before and I really wasn't sure it was him. But I could not forget that this was the man who had asked to marry me. This was the man I would have run away with. And he was just walking down the street.


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