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What Happens Next?

Posted by harmony12 , 01 April 2014 · 41 views

Woah Woah Woah!! Pump the breaks!!!
Does anyone else feel like this year is on fast forward?
Hello, my name is Harmony Lyn and I am a survivor.  Not just of SA but of alot of things. (I survived waking up with out wanting to break my alarm clock for example..)
Life has been changing for me since I first started calling myself a survivor almost 8 years ago.  After 5 years of not wanting to ever date again, more on that in future blogs, I finally met someone that is a dream.  Not just in the smart, handsome, supportive way, but the way that he knows when I am having a moment (as I like to call it) without having to ask or say anything, and yet he doesn't make me feel like a weirdo for having my said moment.
I had a wonderful job that I loved dearly, but unfortunately the job did not love me back, and I had to go my separate ways at the end of February 2014.
SO I have to ask, what happens next?  Sure I start the application process again, and try not to lose faith.  I need to start believing that when my family, friends, and professional colleagues tell me that everything will be alright and I am not going to be unemployed forever!, it is the truth.
I also need to stop worrying so much about my past and what has happened.  I am opening a new chapter in my life and I need to not be so scared....  But how do you tell someone who lived with fear for over 5 years every day, not to be afraid??
I guess that is the lesson I am starting to learn now..
**While that is a bit of a ramble, I hope it makes a bit of sense....
Warm Regards,
Harmony Lyn

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