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Bringing Health Into Dry Bones

Posted by datweet , in Taking back power 04 April 2014 · 91 views

Reflecting on T.D. Jakes (Woman Thou Art Loosed) (p.89-90):
  • You need to allow God an opportunity in your life.
  • Although we must be careful not to become trapped by the past, we should look back and thank God for how He has kept us through the struggles.
  • "I would never have made it if You had not brought me through"
  • So celebrate who you have become through His asistance.  In every circumstance, rejoice that He was with you in it.
  • I believe God is bringing health into dry bones.  Bones that were bowed over, bones that were bent out of shape, bones that made you upset with yourself.  All are giving way to the life of the Spirit.  Perhaps you respond to your history with low self-esteem. God will heal the inner wound and teach you how important you are to Him.  You do make a difference. The world would be a different place if it were not for you.  You are a part of His divine plan.
  • If you have been wondering how God will make things come to pass in your life, remember that He will accomplish the task.
I just saw much truth in that and am trusting God's hands to catch me.  I am so blessed that I can be a "child" in God's presence to climb up on his lap and be embraced by His loving arms.  Amen!

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