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I am strong

Posted by datweet , in Taking back power 01 April 2014 · 130 views

Just a thought from T.D. Jakes, "Woman Thou Art Loosed!":
You need to commend yourself for having the strength to function under pressure. Unfortunately, we often bear the weight of our burdens alone, since we don't feel free to tell anyone about our struggles. So, whatever strides you have made, be they large or small, you have made them against the current.
I still find it difficult to view myself as a strong person.  People always say to me that it takes a lot of strength to endure, survive, persevere......and not "buckle".  Well, I'm trying to tell myself that daily, to little or no success.  Maybe I'll work on believing myself more.  
I am strong.
I am a strong person.
Feeling a little better already......let's hope it sticks.

YES let hope it do u really need to believe in yourself more because only a strong person could write what you wrote.SO believe in yourself please because that what you are here for.

Wow, thanks ranesha. you're a good friend.  okay....i will....i will make it my personal task to not write so much "victimized" and start writing more "victorious".  I think it took someone to see it for me, in order to see it for myself. 


So....this is what strength is....you've given that back to me too.


Sending good vibes your way as well.

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