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You do the best you can in the moment

Posted by datweet , 26 March 2014 · 54 views

I was just thinking: 

At times, I try to prevent self-blame for my past trauma with these words:


"You did the best you could in the moment. 

You can't blame yourself for making decisions

towards something you couldn't fully understand.

You did the best you could in the moment."


I truly believe we do.

I agree so much on this.  It's hard to remember when the shame kicks in- but I know that it's true.  

I'm kinda stuck inbetween agreeing and disagreeing because I feel that I couldn't have done anything about what happened but then I wonder if I would have tried harder maybe someone would have saved me...

@nebulas - yes, the shame does kick in quite a bit.  With what little strength i have in the moment, i try to kick it right back. :)


@JNA_True - i know what you mean.  I have "if only's" too. Too much of them.  If only I'd said something, if only my parents saw or knew, if only i fought harder, etc.  When i was being sexually abused and raped as a child, i didn't know what was going on, but I know the traumatic experience had put me in a terrifying position/place.  So, it comforts me and my inner child to know the truth....that we did our best in the best manner we could.  I hope you'll find something that comforts you too.

that's so true i agree with you

Thanks ranesha.  i truly believe it.....we do our best.

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