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Little Country Town

Posted by lissastar22 , 13 March 2014 · 78 views

I moved to a little country town a year ago. It has a coal mine that covers the place in fine black dust. The land is beautiful but hurt. The people are poor and unfriendly. I am very very poor. I have not made a friend in all the days, weeks and months I've been here...and I am hurt. 
​The loneliness hurts sometimes; but sometimes it is peaceful. My body hurts almost all the time. Some days I accept it. I feel ok about living here. It's a familiar sort of place to me. But my husband hates this town. He hates the people, hates the place, hates the poverty. He is covered with fine black hate dust. 
​My sons are happy here. They have made friends. They like the place and the people. They don't mind being poor. My oldest son has a kitten. A girlfriend. A dream of going to university when highschool ends. My young son has a dog named Chester. He loves his class and most of his teachers. He loves to play and sing and dig in the dirt. We find butterfly's and little lizards in the yard. We look for moths and crickets in the house. And all of us love to read.  
I am scared alot when my sons are at school. But I'm happy they have such a good time learning and being with friends. I try not to let them know too much about how I feel when they are gone because I don't want them to worry about me. But they do. 
I wish I could worry less so they could be free from it too. We could all be free from it. I love them so much. I want to get better so we can live better. It's a terribly sad thing to scared so much that your scared of your fear. 

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