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Rising Above: Releasing the Truth


passion & pain

Posted by beautifulblogger , 12 March 2015 · 30 views

Grief are you out there?
Do you even exist in this world of positivity?
I am screaming out to you and shielded by forces of laughter and smiles.
Most of the time, my soul is searching for happiness because after all, that seems to be the easiest.
Easier to smile than answer the questions,
easier to laugh than to allow you to see the pain,
easier just to s...


directions to life.

Posted by beautifulblogger , 17 January 2015 · 43 views

A suitcase of memories is all that seems to follow behind this life,
this life of undeniable doubt. 
This life of sadness.
This life of being uncontrollable. 
What have you done to my little girl?
What made her so unlovable that you isolated her from this world,
this life,
.. from your world.
You gave birth to this joy,...


See you tomorrow night.

Posted by beautifulblogger , 03 December 2014 · 47 views

Laying awake in a bed of vibrant fears, worries, and pains,
my mind never seems to slow as I continuously try to make sense of this life.
Working every edge of every problem, every issue, every feeling,
turning, configuring, and trying to replace the unknown with clarity and logic,
I continue to fail.
Laying awake in a bed full of silent emotion,



Posted by beautifulblogger , 08 November 2014 · 98 views

When I was born, I was named after a man of strength. 
I was named after a man of strength to disguise the fact that I was the son that never happened. 
I was the last respects paid to a father's dream that never came true.
Like anyone else, I have spent my life trying to figure out who I am.
Through this, I thought that it would com...



Posted by beautifulblogger , 17 July 2014 · 108 views

Today, I did something for me. It was really supposed to be therapy him, but today; I think he was my support. I am always the strong one. I make him give effort, encourage him when he wants to quit, and love him when he fails.
Today, I put my money where my mouth is.
Today, in a world of silence; we connected.
Today, we went zip lining and pro...


a little love, goes a long ways.

Posted by beautifulblogger , 22 June 2014 · 72 views

"I am a sinner;  who's probably gonna sin again,
Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me the things I don't understand.
Sometimes I need to be alone;
bitch don't kill my vibe, bitch don't kill my vibe."
Today is one of those days.
I need  to be alone.
Alone with time and even more secluded with my thoughts.
I carry my thoughts as...


time is all we ever have.

Posted by beautifulblogger , 21 June 2014 · 52 views

Hi there,
  It has been a long time since I have seen you here.
I'm not even sure why I am seeing you or if it is even okay.
You are supposed to be a distant memory and I am supposed to have forgotten you years ago.
You were supposed to be a piece to my puzzle that I laid among the rest, lying there silently and forgotten; but gleaming...



Posted by beautifulblogger , 12 May 2014 · 119 views

Oh little girl,
here we are again.
Lying in the darkness, the lights shut off, and the blinds closed tight.
It is just you and I once again, 
being real; looking for clarity.
Why is it that darkness is the only place where we feel safe; close enough to feel?
I have been calling out to you,
wondering where you are; how I can make you whole.
I have bee...


tiny girl, just keep on dancing.

Posted by beautifulblogger , 28 April 2014 · 109 views

Little girl inside of me,
I wonder where you are; if you are proud of who I am.
I know you have been feeling sad, forgotten, but mostly ignored. 
I have to be honest with you,
it's difficult for me to face you.
Hearing your voice tears me down as I know that you are dying to survive in an adult world.
Thinking about you makes me cringe on how we got...


let's get something straight. *Triggering*

Posted by beautifulblogger , 11 April 2014 · 110 views

Today, the little girl inside of me was broken.
She was broken in the ways that are all too familiar.
She was shut down, shut up, and left to blame herself. 
She was left nameless and faceless; forced to form her identity from your intimidation and fear.
This woman that is trying to take care of her,
she is more than what she used to be. ...

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