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Conversation with part of My Inner Child

Posted by HealingMe , in Good Days 05 March 2014 · 53 views

part of my Inner child thinks he's been naughty, as he's been told off and punished for so many things, so I say how can that be? they put it all upon me, so how can that be, my inner child has no answers to that just that's how it was for me. Oh inner child, my dear inner being my fun was taken away from me but it does not mean it was my fault. I was made to feel that way, I grew up with so many beliefs that were falsely put into my mind, just because I enjoyed some stuff does not mean it was my responsibility then, no matter how many times I have to let myself know this, this is why my adult messed up sometimes with running through life, well my adult was still his inner child then as he never truly grew up, is the story of Peter Pan about sexual Abuse? just seems that way to my child, the boy who could not grow up, but this one is? yeh? I'm trying, sometimes in need to feel a feeling without my adult crying? :-) feel it through, I'll try, but I cry as a nerve has been touched, well my adult is just as soft as my inner child at the moment then, maybe my inner child is stronger than I think, getting stronger every day, well until I get set backs that is :-( then I have to build myself up again. 
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It's called thinking but in ways that so called people not in the know would never have conversations like this with themselves, be open and honest, our inner child know's more than they let on, I'll only face what I can, work hand in hand with your inner voice but be warned about some quite negative words and images that pop-up that you can't understand, these will be from films and movies or games that we have played in the past, stuff you don't understand just let go with a sigh and a breath...

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