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The truth hurts but it also heals.

Posted by Tella , 02 May 2014 · 63 views

I realized the abuse has affected me more than I realized.
I discovered that I have PTSD.
I learned I have had anxiety since elementary (I just did not know).
I had my first panic attack (I thought I was having a heart attack).
I recovered painful memories.
One of my abusers friend requested me on Facebook.
Living on my own has made me more paranoid of men.
I realized I have not let my pain, stress, anxiety, paranoia, and depression stop me from living life and pursuing happiness.
knowing that I have PTSD explains a lot about myself, so it feels like a lot of questions have been answered.
I have been able to identify and express most of my emotions, so I no longer feel like I am going crazy.
I discovered that I am a strong person.
I have learned new things about myself.
I now know that I like challenges.
I feel happy and loved.
I am proud of myself.

The abuse is never a good thing. But we sometimes can take what we have gone through and with understanding build from it, gain better insight and understanding of ourselves and others. For me it has lead to more compassion. 

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